The Jus Burgers Story

The beauty in many classic foods, like the hamburger, is in its simplicity. But is often easier to get things wrong than to get things right. The magic is in the honesty of the produce and the attention to detail.

16 years ago, Justin flew from Hong Kong to Perth and called Western Australia home. While training as a chef in London, Hong Kong, and New York, the idea of Jus Burgers began to emerge. Where were the gourmet burgers of Perth? To bring his dream to life, he needed the a delicious menu and incredibly fresh ingredients. But in Western Australia, ingredients = good producers.

Never cutting corners, Justin skipped cheap and convenient items from all-in-one suppliers. Instead, he trekked across the state to find first-rate ingredients, proudly made by Western Australian locals with a lifetime of experience. These relationships helped launch Jus Burgers into Perth's food scene with some of the most honest and fresh ingredients available at any restaurant.

Now, for over 2,300+ days straight, Jus Burgers has been serving exceptional burgers to the locals of Perth, often times by Justin himself. You’re very likely to see his smiling face any day of the week, proudly cooking up the best burgers he can. It's a face that has nothing to hide. He knows that every time a meal is made, it's from the paddock directly to the plate. There's a person behind each ingredient, someone who's proud of what they produce.

We trekked over 750km to tell the story of Jus Burgers and feature our friends, the ones who make this possible. Jus Burgers is proud of Western Australian food, and we think you should be too.

Our Western Australian friends:
Amelia Park, paddock beef and lamb
Linley Valley, free-range pork
Blackwood Valley Organic Beef
Turkish Bakeries
Jean Pierre Sancho
Express Fresh
Bannister Downs Dairy
Margaret River Tempeh
Whittington's Spices
Feral Brewing
Margaret River Winemakers